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Everything you need to know
when staying with us.

Requirements and
Frequently Asked Questions

What vaccinations do you require?

All dogs must be current for Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP and Canine Influenza. You must present proof of vaccinations before we can accept your dog(s). We accept email records or hard copies. A flea and tick medication is not required. However, if we find fleas or ticks on your dog, we must treat it at owner's expense. This is to prevent possible infestations and protect other boarders.

What are your requirements for group play?

Dogs eligible for group play must be spayed or neutered by 10 months of age and behave well around other dogs. At our discretion, we may make exceptions for friendly dogs who have missed the spay/neuter deadline. Each case requires an examination. Similarly, even dogs who meet the spay/neuter deadline may be deemed ineligible for group play if they simply behave too aggressively around other dogs.

How much group play will my dog receive?

Weather permitting, groups get two hours of playtime each morning and at least two hours each afternoon.

What do you mean by "flexible" pick-up times? Are there really no late pick-up fees?

Owners may pick up boarded dogs on Sundays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. but must call in advance. Additionally, if you're running late on a week night or Saturday, we offer extended pick-up hours until 10 p.m. Again, please call ahead with an ETA. As long as you pick up on your scheduled day, we don't charge a late pick-up fee. If you leave your dog overnight, we will charge for 24-hour boarding.

I've read that you accept intact dogs. Will my dog come into contact with them?

No. Intact dogs are not eligible for group play. They remain kenneled while group play is in session. Most "playcare" style businesses are not optimized for intact dogs, but The Kennels operates with the necessary infrastructure to keep dogs separate, safe, moving, and happy.

I have an intact dog. What are your options for exercise?

Since intact dogs are not eligible for group play, owners may choose a complimentary 15-minute hand walk around our ranch. Additional exercise time is always available.

How big are your kennels?

Our indoor/outdoor combination kennels measure 24 feet long. Dogs can move inside and outside as they please. This provides plenty of stimulation and opportunity for socialization outside of group play, and allows your pup to move all day long!

Do you offer multi-dog discounts?

Yes! We offer multi-dog discounts for overnight stays. Check out our rates page.

What do I need to bring?

You're not required to bring anything. We provide food, bowls, and toys. However, most dogs are happiest when they eat their regular food. Switching food abruptly can sometimes trigger stomach distress, so we do encourage bringing your own.

Do you require a reservation?

No, but we recommend it. Around holidays, kennels typically sell out weeks in advance, so please call as soon as possible.

Make a Reservation
What's your cancellation policy?

During peak periods, owners must cancel 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee.

Will you administer medication?

Absolutely. We never charge to give your pup his medicine.

Do you have a groomer?

At this time, we only offer baths and self-bathing.